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Whether you are a pricing / sales / marketing professional, a consultant, or even a pricing software vendor, you are probably facing the same issue: behind the term Pricing Software, there can actually be very different use-cases (e.g. Sales interface, Price optimization...) and industry focus.

Add on top of that the usual buzz words that vendors use in their marketing, and you obtain a blurry market, very difficult to read.

On top of the detailed vendor pages, you will get unique content that will save you precious time in researching the market:

A selection of the TOP 20 best pricing software

Synthesis tables giving you a comparison of use-cases and industries covered by the best vendors

A detailed vision of our methodology to understand why these vendors should be in your shortlist

A guide to help you select the best software for your company

Customer testimonials

It took us 4-5 months to collect this data directly from each vendor: save yourself some precious time and get this guide now!

The free extract will give you a glimpse of the value the guide is bringing in its full pack

Go beyond the glimpse

of the free extract

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