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You are longing to have a clear panorama of the pricing software market? Then join us for our next 30-minute webinar: “Essential Insights from Our 2024 Pricing Software Guide”.


We will disclose our methodology, some of our main findings, and of course have a look at some of the best software out there!

Agenda Highlights:

How we built the Guide:

An overview of our rigorous approach in compiling and assessing the most innovative pricing software solutions, tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by pricing professionals.

Key Insights:

What do vendors actually? Go beyond buzzwords!

Trendy features:

Insights into the features and innovations that set our selected software apart, and how these tools can revolutionize your pricing strategy.

Use Case Examples:

Concrete examples demonstrating how each software can be leveraged to meet specific needs.

Software Selection Tips:

Expert recommendations on evaluating and choosing the right pricing software for your business.

Why Attend?

This webinar offers a prime opportunity for pricing professionals and decision-makers to deepen their understanding of pricing technology, discover cutting-edge strategies to maintain a competitive edge and above all, find the best match for their needs.

Whether you’re in search of a solution that meets your unique requirements or simply aiming to stay informed on the latest trends, this webinar will provide invaluable insights.

Don't miss the live stream!


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