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As many of you are already feeling, we are living in a time of talent shortage which can be for you both:

  • a source of opportunity if you are looking for a career opportunity: you have more choices and can increase your salary expectations

  • or a brake if you are a recruiter: the candidates are fewer, more difficult to convince and more expensive


Either way, you need insight into the market to know how to position yourself for success and going fast.


We will therefore answer your questions with HR experts who follow market trends and know the pitfalls to avoid.


1.  Understanding the job market today to recruit or be recruited
  • How are the tensions on the labor market manifested?

  • What evolution and what trends to anticipate?


  • Candidates : what are the keys to quickly finding a position with the right salary level?


  • Recruiters : how to save time and make sure to recruit a candidate who will not leave  because he has found better?

2.  Focus on Pricing professions
  • Is / In what way is the pricing profession particularly difficult to staff?

  • How to sell well when you are a pricer? What pitfalls to avoid?

  • Is there a shortage of pricers? in which sectors / at which level of seniority?

  • What salary increases can we expect in pricing?

  • What are the pitfalls to avoid when recruiting a pricer?

3.  Your questions

Our speakers

Malik Rajan.png

Malik Rajan

Director of Performance and Customer Experience - Founder of the Pricing Club


Marion Lelu

 Coach, consultant in Leadership, Management, HR

Didier Vrignaud.png

Didier Vrignaud

Pricing Director

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