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Gabor Kapus
VP – E2E Pricing and Quotation Deployment

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In a world where the ability to analyze and act on the basis of accurate data becomes an essential competitive advantage, the pricing of your brand requires renewed strategic attention.

This webinar provides an overview of current price monitoring practices and future innovations, highlighting how B2B2C companies can advantageously position themselves.

We will also explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on pricing and the importance of developing specific skills to make the most of data, with a focus on the role of software publishers as strategic partners in this evolving landscape.


 Introduction : Outlook on the evolution and future of pricing


Online Price Monitoring: 

How can B2B2C companies take advantage of price monitoring without direct action?

(the case of Pierre Fabre)

  • Distinguishing the strategic role of data in price analysis and monitoring for B2B2C companies

  • Use cases for price monitoring: from perception of value to competitiveness

  • Use case: how to manage cross-border competition?



Competitive Intelligence and AI: What concrete opportunities for pricing?

  •  The foundations of a future pricing strategy: the critical importance of accurately following market prices

  •  AI at the service of pricing: analysis of perceived quality, willingness to pay, and beyond

  • Key skills to develop for optimal data use: How can software publishers be strategic allies?





Lessons Learned and Conclusion

Our speakers

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Gabor Kapus

VP – E2E Pricing and Quotation Deployment

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Camille Pérennec

Global Pricing Head


Denis Oulion

 Directeur Associé

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