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Gabor Kapus
VP – E2E Pricing and Quotation Deployment

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The air cargo sector is crucial for global trade but is also vulnerable to various market shocks. Air freight companies must constantly adapt to changing conditions to maintain the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

Cargolux, the European leader in all-cargo transportation, will share its use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance its pricing policy.

We will explore how industry expertise, supported by data, allows for:

• Implementing dynamic pricing based on supply and demand.

• Responding effectively to market shocks.

• Optimizing the approach to different sales channels.

11:00 am


Presentation of Cargolux: its market, constraints, and sales model

11:05 am

Application of Pricing Optimization within Cargolux

  • Why implement dynamic pricing

  • System operation and data feeding

  • Application of dynamic pricing to sales channels: traditional (negotiated) and digital (non-negotiated)

Responding to Market Dynamics and Demand Shocks

  • Adapting the model to respond to market changes

  • The role of human decision-making

Keys to a Successful Deployment

  • Project organization and sponsorship

  • Change management to optimize adoption

  • Best practices and lessons learned

Gains and Benefits

  • Increased revenue

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Cost reduction

11:35 am


11:50 am

Lessons Learned and Conclusion

Our speakers

Gabor Kapus.png

Gabor Kapus

VP – E2E Pricing and Quotation Deployment

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Camille Pérennec

Global Pricing Head

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Bertrand Martel

 Director, Customer Success

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