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Malik Rajan
Founder of The Pricing Club

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In your company, as in most sectors, the demand for profitability now goes hand in hand with growing concerns regarding social and environmental responsibility (CSR).

As a pricing specialist, you play a key role in addressing this challenge.

By carefully reviewing current regulations, analyzing their sector-specific repercussions, and drawing from the concrete lessons of a real B2B case, we invite you to explore pragmatic solutions and insights applicable across various industries


Update on CSR

  • Overview of current regulations related to CSR

  • Identification of the most impacted industries, with a concrete example focusing on the regulations of the spare parts market



Impact on Industries

  • Details of regulations specific to automotive parts: case study to illustrate sector-specific impacts

  • Analysis of the impact of these regulations on the commercial strategy of companies in the sector

  • Exploration of necessary modifications to pricing strategy to meet CSR requirements



Experience Feedback from a Real B2B Case

  • Presentation of a concrete (anonymized) case illustrating the implementation of CSR-related changes

  • Detailed analysis of relevant data

  • Exploration of the synergy between pricing strategy and supply chain management

  • Presentation of the implemented solution, the results achieved, and future developments considered






Our speakers

Malik Rajan.png

Malik Rajan

Founder of The Pricing Club

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Andrea Merati

Regional Pricing Expert

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