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François Lenne
 Group Pricing Director

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Questioning the relevance of your pricing strategy is essential for ensuring competitiveness and sustainable growth of a business. Is your current approach well-suited to navigate market fluctuations and capture emerging opportunities? Does it allow you to stand out in a densely competitive environment?


We invite you to explore these questions at our conference "Building or Rethinking Your Pricing Strategy: A Herculean Task". Structured around a breakfast, this event is divided into two essential segments. The first focuses on the fundamental principles of an effective pricing strategy, the steps of its creation or overhaul, and the key factors for its long-term success. The second segment discusses large-scale pricing strategies, illustrated by lessons learned from Auchan International’s initiatives from 2020 to 2024, and examines the challenges and successes in various international settings.

Join us to gain insightful perspectives, share experiences with experts, and discover practical solutions for "Building or Rethinking Your Pricing Strategy". Register now and take advantage of this unique opportunity to refine your approach to pricing.



Welcome of Participants




Pricing Strategy as a Pillar of Profitable Business Growth

François Lenne, Group Pricing Director

Manutan Group


  • Fundamentals of a Pricing Strategy

  • Key Steps in its Development or Overhaul

  • Keys to Long-Term Success


Roundtable Discussions Moderated by Our Pricing Experts




Large-Scale Pricing Strategies: Ingredients of a Successful Recipe

Lessons from Projects at Auchan International 2020 – 2024

Isabelle Deroeux , Product Owner (Pricing) / Auchan Retail International

Jean Christophe Rousseau, Directeur de Projets / Optimix Software

  • Eight Distinct Projects: One Reference Model

    • Explore how Auchan International adapted its "core model" of pricing across eight markets, taking into account the specificities of each country.

  • Decoding Auchan's Success Criteria

    • How to take a broader view to effectively measure the success of pricing projects.

    • Different tools, teams, and IT environments across markets: how to analyze each country's context and account for its specific challenges.

  • Secrets of Effective Implementation

  • Key Levers for Performance Improvement

    • Leveraging our pricing tools to boost performance.

    • Tackling the challenge of integrating technical and organizational aspects.

  • Definition of KPIs and Identification of Key Product Typologies

    • How to be precise in identifying product typologies and defining performance indicators.

    • Ensuring strategic use of Excel.

Closing of the Formal Part and Start of the Networking Phase

End of the Event

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*To avoid over-soliciting our members, unfortunately, this event is not open to consultants or pricing solution providers. Please contact us through this link to find out the next available date.

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June 20, 2023 - 9:15 am to 12:15 pm
Conference & Breakfast

Hôtel Castille, Paris
33-37 Rue Cambon, Paris 75001

Limited event

Our speakers

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François Lenne

Group Pricing Director

Isabelle Deroeux

Product Owner (Pricing)

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Jean Christophe Rousseau

Project Director

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