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Francois Lenne

Group Pricing Director

François has devoted most of his professional career to Pricing and has 20 years of experience in the business.


After 5 years as a Pricing analyst in the industry, he joined Office Depot to occupy a position of Pricing Manager for 15 years. Three and a half years ago, François joined the Manutan Group as Head of Pricing.


These different positions give him the opportunity to respond to many strategic and operational challenges, such as price optimization and customer price perception, revenue development and margin improvement, support for sales teams around the subjects of profitability and price negotiation…


 He evolves in both B2B/B2C, European, multi-channel market environments, with a strong appetite for transformation and organization projects.

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Isabelle Deroeux.jpeg

Isabelle Deroeux

Product Owner (Pricing)

Isabelle is a Product Owner for Pricing and Purchase Negotiation scopes at Auchan Retail International.

Her role involves providing business solutions in countries with different contexts and legislations, through a unique solution while ensuring adherence to the core model solution of the provider.

With a 100% retail career spanning 35 years, including roles in-store and in support services, she understands the challenges and the discrepancies between theory and the reality of the retail world.

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Jean Christophe Rousseau

Project Director

Jean-Christophe has been a Project Director at Optimix Software for nearly 7 years.

He supports Optimix clients in deploying Optimix software packages, particularly XPA, the price management solution.

His extensive experience with numerous projects over the past two decades in the retail sector has provided him with a comprehensive technical and business understanding.

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