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Président de séance

Gabor Kapus
VP Pricing transformation, VP Finance, Contrôleur de gestion, Auditeur interne


Program being finalized

Essential pricing KPIs

  •  Finding the right Pricing KPIs for each sales channel and department

  • Why we have selected these KPIs and what pitfalls to avoid

  • Competitive intelligence: how do we identify which competitors to monitor, collect their prices and how do we use them?

Acquiring and working with competitor data:

  •     Why should pricing strategy be based on accurate monitoring of the competition?

  •     How can I obtain competitors' prices, whether in B2C or B2B, when prices are more opaque?

  •     What are the most effective KPIs, based on competitive intelligence?

Nos intervenants

Gabor Kapus.png

Gabor Kapus

VP – E2E Pricing and

Quotation Deployment


Adil El Yousoufi

Business partner puériculture et nouveaux marchés


Denis Oulion

Directeur Associé PAARLY

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