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For this webinar, we have decided to offer you completely new content: an introspection in the pricing professions. Our Board of Advisors has lent itself to the game and will answer essential questions about our practice.

Send your own questions to to enrich the debate!

Why it is essential and how to achieve it

Malik Rajan


  Event program



11:10 a.m.

Panel: The Pricing Job Market Today and Tomorrow

Gabor Kapus , VP Transformation & Finance - Schneider Electric

Didier Vrignaud, Pricing Director - Manpower

Mélanie Septe, Head of Pricing & CPQ Product Owner - CEGID

moderated by Malik Rajan, Founder of the Pricing Club / Director of Performance and Customer Experience  - BPCE


  • If you had to retain only one element of the remuneration study, what would it be?

  • What is a good pricing manager profile? What is the gap between the profiles we encounter on the market and the profiles we would ideally like to recruit?

  • Acquiring and retaining Talents, what recipes can be applied to Pricing teams?

  • Should pricing training be developed?

  • What career path for a pricing director?

  • The variable part of the pricing teams: should a bonus be set according to a margin objective? a (partially) common objective with the sales force?

  • The pricing function in 5 years or in 10 years: what will be the maturity of organizations in companies? what will be the key skills of tomorrow


11:40 a.m.


Our speakers

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Gabor Kapus.png

Didier Vrignaud

Pricing Director

Alvaro ramirez

Customer Success Manager


Gabor Kapus

VP of transformation of commercial policy and price management

Melanie Septe

Head of Pricing &

CPQ Product Owner

Malik Rajan

Director of Performance and Customer Experience - Founder of the Pricing Club

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