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Gabor Kapus
VP – E2E Pricing and Quotation Deployment

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When you think of Dynamic Pricing, what comes to mind first?

E-commerce? The airline or hospitality industry?

What if the first thing that came to mind was your own business, regardless of its economic model?

At first glance, this might seem surprising, but with increasingly automated models and offers whose value depends on variable factors, dynamic pricing is emerging as a powerful tool in both B2C and B2B settings.


Join us for a deep dive into dynamic pricing strategies and discover how this indispensable tool could be applied to you: customer interactions, negotiations, discount policies, physical or online sales...


Participant Welcome




How We Boosted Our Margins and Revenue with Personalized Pricing

Matthieu Durand, Director of Marketing, Digital, and Customer Experience

VM Matériaux

  • Overview: Industry Typology / Evolution of Pricing Strategy / The Importance of Tool Selection

  • Centralizing Prices for Greater Control and Price Uniformity

  • Personalized Pricing at the Heart of Negotiations and Sales Strategy:

    • The Importance of Local and Flexible Pricing Execution to Enhance Competitiveness

    • Discount Policy: Gaining Visibility to Optimize Discounts

    • Preserving Margins and Boosting Revenue


Round Table Discussions Moderated by Our Pricing Experts




My Keys to Implementing a Dynamic Pricing Strategy

Bruno Mendy , Managing Director Contract Sales & International Business

Office Depot

  • How Does Dynamic Pricing Work?

  • Different Dynamic Pricing Strategies

  • Amazon’s Pricing Strategy as a Prime Example of Dynamic Pricing

  • Pros and Cons of Dynamic Pricing

  • Implementing a Dynamic Pricing Strategy to Boost Your Negotiation Success


Wine tasting : Embark on the Mysterious Adventure of Blind-Tasting Bordeaux Wines

Anne-Cécile Marie, Certified WSET Level 3 Oenologist

Dive into an unparalleled tasting experience that promises to awaken your senses and challenge your preconceptions. This special edition invites you to delve into the aromatic depths and well-kept secrets of Bordeaux wines, all with your eyes covered. A unique sensory journey, designed to reveal the subtleties that link price, brand, and excellence. An unprecedented opportunity to redefine wine excellence, free from bias, guided only by the richness of your sensations.

Formal Closure and Start of Networking Phase + Open Wine Tasting

End of the event

March,14 - 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Face to face event

Hôtel Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Paris
33 Av. George V, 75008 Paris

Limited event to 30 participants

Our speakers

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Gabor Kapus

VP E2E Quotation Deployment

Matthieu Durand

Marketing, Purchasing, Digital, and Customer Experience Director

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Logo VM Materiaux.png
Philippe Vaine PROS.jpg

Philippe Vaine

Senior Account Executive

Photo ID Bruno J MENDY(1).jpg

Bruno Mendy

Managing Director Contract Sales & International Business

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The Pricing Dinner

Let's Extend Conversations and Discussions over a Bistronomic Dinner at Norbert Tarayre's Table!

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