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Melanie Septe

Head of Pricing

&CPQ Product Owner

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After working for three years as a strategic consultant at Oliver Wyman, Marion joined Eurostar. 


She has held various positions including Strategic Projects Manager, where she was initially responsible for the provisioning of a new fleet (Project Manager) and the development of new correspondence products in partnership with other carriers.

His current role as Product and Pricing Manager includes maximizing Eurostar's revenue through pricing portfolio optimization and customer segmentation (price packages, distribution platforms, etc.). 


Focusing on pricing innovation and working closely with the Digital and Data department, she implemented a new product cycle based on customer behavior and segmentation.


Marion is also part of the Pricing Club Board of Advisors.

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Julien Tournier

Regional Vice President -

Revenue Cloud

Julien is the commercial director of a team specializing in solutions for creating, marketing and invoicing offers or products in Salesforce CRM, regardless of business models or channels, in all market segments.


He has been working in commercial positions in the field of software solutions for 20 years (including 9 spent at Salesforce), after starting out as a journalist and then as a salesperson in the metallurgical industry.

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Nicolas Grebille

Head of Pricing

Nicolas has been Head of Pricing for the Elis group since 2022.

He oversees the harmonization of pricing policies, pricing tools and performance indicators in the group's 29 countries.

In a context of high inflation, it is working to improve pricing power by implementing management indicators and developing an international community to share best practices.


Before joining Elis, Nicolas began his career in R&D at EDF and then joined the data science team of electrical equipment distributor Rexel in 2016.

In particular, he worked on optimizing the supply chain and pricing models. He then took the head of a team of 12 people dedicated to managing the margin: support for sales teams, design of tools and indicators, implementation and monitoring of action plans.


Nicolas is particularly interested in the implementation of effective pricing policies in a B2B context. Its resources: the design of tools and indicators adapted to the business and good internal communication.


Anne-Cécile Marie

Œnologue certifiée WSET 3

Après avoir longtemps vécu à l'étranger, Anne-Cécile rentre en France en 2015 avec la ferme intention d'approfondir ses connaissances et sa passion pour le vin.

Elle se forme auprès des meilleures écoles, arpente les régions viticoles en France et en Europe, et obtient ses diplômes du Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) niveau 2, niveau 3 puis un Certificat de Connaissances Approfondies des Vins de France.


Elle met depuis son enthousiasme à l'œuvre et a réalisé plus de 50 dégustations professionnelles, avec un goût particulier pour la dégustation des vins du monde.


Au bureau, Anne-Cécile développe des projets industriels à fort impact environnemental, ayant commencé sa carrière chez Veolia, et exerçant désormais au sein d'Innovafeed, start-up French Tech Next 40 leader de la protéine d'insectes.

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