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Chairman of the event

Didier Vrignaud

Pricing Director


Like the vast majority of pricing professionals, you are regularly confronted with the limits of your organisational model:


                 You will manage pricing at local, country or BU level:


  • Decentralised model: you have complete freedom to steer your pricing policy, but you have the impression that you are regularly reinventing the wheel, with other subsidiaries going down the same road as you. Each BU works more or less in a silo, and you feel that you would move faster if you pooled your efforts, your methodologies and your tools. Finally, when pricing decisions are largely delegated to the sales force, you have the impression that short-term considerations and volume targets take precedence over achieving overall profitability objectives.

  • Centralised model: you benefit from substantial support but are often subject to pressure from head office, with its share of standard methodologies that are not always adapted to your issues, imposed tools, lengthy validation processes and lots of reporting.


                 You will manage pricing at head office:

In your efforts to standardise, you regularly come up against the issue of adapting to local models, not always knowing where to draw the line (uniform prices that are difficult to apply in certain regions), human issues of change management, and many other challenges.


Whatever your organisational model and your place in the company:

  • How to strike a balance between these models?

  • What are the keys to effective pricing management from head office?

  • When it comes to BUs/countries: how can you make the best use of central resources? What constraints should you apply to your sales forces and how much leeway should you give them?


          And more generally :

  • How can data be controlled and centralised?

  • What business support should the Pricing function provide? education, communication, events, training, etc.

  • Technical support: legacy data, BI, reporting, pricing tools, quotation tools, etc.

  • How should the Pricing function be organised? Its place in the organisation chart, the profiles to be recruited to the team, etc.

In this exciting, collegial discussion, we'll look at real-life cases and best practices, providing concrete, cross-sector lessons to help you take your pricing function to the next level.

Event program

3.45 pm

Welcoming participants

4.00 pm


4.10 pm

Centralised vs. decentralised pricing: flexibility or uniformity?

Ulf Avrin, Managing Director

Denis Mantelet, Engagement Manager

Pearson Ham Group

  • How to strike a balance between centralisation and decentralisation models?  

  • What trends and models are being adopted in large companies?

  • What priorities should be implemented in your organisation and what gains can you expect?

4.40 pm

Round tables moderated by our Pricing experts

5.40 pm


5.50 pm

Challenges and operational issues faced by Decathlon: the world's largest sports retailer

Noël Wang, Revenue Growth Manager Leader Decathlon United

Istvan Mezei, Revenue Growth Manager Decathlon Allemagne


  • How to reconcile centralised and decentralised pricing functions?

  • What vision do we have for the coming years?

  • What are the main challenges in achieving this vision?

6.20 pm

Wine tasting

Anne-Cécile Marie, certified oenologist WSET 3

7.00 pm
End of the formal part and start of the networking phase + free tasting

7.30 pm
End of the event

*In order to avoid commercial over-solicitation of our members, this event is unfortunately not open to consultants or pricing solution providers: you can contact us via thislink to know the next available date


Dec 7, 2023 - 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Face to face event

Hôtel Napoléon
40 Av. de Friedland, 75008 Paris

Limited event to 30 participants

Our speakers

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UlfAvrin - 1.jpg
Noel Wang.png
Istvan Mezei 2.png

Noël Wang

Revenue Growth Management Leader Decathlon United

István Mezei

Revenue Growth Manager

Decathlon Allemagne

Ulf Avrin

Managing Director

Denis Mantelet

Engagement manager

Didier Vrignaud

Directeur Pricing

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